Heavy duty grade 1 deadbolts installed on all entry doors is key. When installed properly it can make an attempt at forced entry extremely difficult. From what we have seen, most people do not have heavy duty deadbolts and rarely use the light duty ones that they have. Just shutting your door behind you and locking your lever or knob lock provides very minimal protection from forced entry. Having a licensed locksmith install a grade 1 deadbolt can have tremendous benefits when protecting your property from forced entry.

Heavy duty latch guards are also very important when protecting your property. Latch guards can minimize the use of a crobar or any other type of prying tool from going in between your door and door jamb and prying your door open. This added security can protect the locking points of your door and can be used on both your entry handles and or your deadbolts. If you choose to only put a latch guard on one of your locks we highly reccommend that it is installed to protect your deadbolts. This is a vital upgrade in stopping em in their tracks.

Heavy duty strike plates are another key ingredient in protecting your property. They reinforce your door jamb by connecting your door jamb with the rough opening of your door. The rough opening is where your door and door jamb are connected to your building and can be made of wood, masonary, or steel. Making sure your strike plates are heavy duty and have long enough screws to connect to your rough opening can make it a lot harder to almost impossible to force open the door in combination with the other recommended upgrades.

Proper lighting, having your entrances well lit is another very important factor in preventing burglaries. Whether you have motion sensor lights, or lights that are on a timer set to come on when it's dark out, please be sure that they are functioning properly every so often. If you do not have lights near your entrances, you can have them installed. They also sell stick on battery operated LED motion sensor lights that you can easily install near your entrances.